Teenager with stroopwafel Amsterdam

10 Awesome Ideas For Amsterdam With Teenagers – Updated 2023

Ten Best for Teenagers in Amsterdam

Teens – those wannabe adults who you can’t quite trust yet to leave to their own devices in Amsterdam’s city centre.  Well worry not – hand them this list of the best and most happening things to do for teenagers in Amsterdam and they’ll be far too busy to get into any trouble – and you never know, they might even put their phones down for 5 minutes and let you tag along!


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1.     Anne Frank House

I’ve saved the Anne Frank House for this post rather than suggest it in our kids or tweens collection.  Whilst many children of a younger age visit the annex, in truth the real horror of what happened to Amsterdam’s Jewish population is best understood by a slightly older crowd.  Teens cannot fail to be moved by the experience of one of their own.  Encourage them to read the diary or at the very least something about it beforehand and remind them ahead of time that this isn’t a place for selfies – inside or out.  Book ahead, its the only way to get in and a visit to Amsterdam won’t be complete without paying a visit.

Anne Frank Amsterdam


2.     Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum doesn’t have the best discovery trail for younger kids, but for older ones the paintings are more than enough to wow.  Seeing Van Gogh’s masterpieces in reality is wholly different from doing so in books or online and even those with little interest in art will come away captivated by one of The Netherlands’ most famous sons.  The museum’s collection is the largest of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world.  So whether you’re here to see Sunflowers or one of the other 200 masterpieces; 500 plus drawings; or works from his Impressionist and Post impressionist contemporaries, a wander through each of Van Gogh’s five major periods is a powerful reminder of one artist’s impact on the 20th Century and beyond.

Teens will be delighted to discover that the very 21st Century museum partnered with Vans in July to present a collection of Vans Classics inspired by Van Gogh.  And as you can see below the collection was suitably magnificent.

Teenager at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam - Vans collaboration


3.    WONDR

Show me a teen who doesn’t love a selfie.  Even your grumpiest and most reluctant teenage tourist will be jumping for joy in Amsterdam’s Instagram wonderland.  Posing and pouting is actively encouraged here and even the cool kids can’t help but let themselves go.  So take an afternoon off the museum trail and let them express their creativity – you never know, you might find yourself jumping into a ball pit alongside them.


4.     De Hallen and Foodhallen or TonTon Club

I’ve kept the list broadly free of restaurants and cafe’s so far but that’s all about to change as teens will absolutely love the former tramshed and now cultural centre – De Hallen.  Packed with interesting and quirky businesses, the centrepiece is the huge Foodhallen Food Hall with foodie delights for every taste.  There’s live music and events in the evening and a gorgeous, cosy cinema with English films next door.

People eating in Foodhallen Amsterdam

Alternatively, teens looking for something a bit more interactive along with their food will be well served at any of the city’s three branches of the TonTon Club.  A mecca for gamers, these locations are packed with classic coin-operated arcade games along with Japanese imports to match the US/Japanese fusion food.  Forget fancy, this is all about having some serious fun.  So whether its Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat or Dance Revolution that floats your boat head down for some arcade-style entertainment.

People playing on the games machines at the TonTon Club Amsterdam



If you struggle to get your teens to engage with museums, this one might just be the answer.  STRAAT is based in an urban-cool warehouse and is the world’s biggest museum of street art and graffiti.  And as if that isn’t enough, the building invites wannabe creatives to make their mark on the outside with no limitations.  So pick up some spray cans in the shop and get busy – you never know, you might just have inspired the next Banksy.

6.     Albert Cuyp Market

For a wander through an authentic market you can’t beat the Albert Cuyp.  Home to freshly made stroopwafels and poffertjes, to say nothing of the freshest and best herring in the city, its a great place to experience the traditional side of Amsterdam.  Looking for something more substantial to eat?  Just a street away is Instagram-fave The Avocado Show or head to the city’s beloved burger joint The Butcher (just don’t tell the teens about the secret speakeasy at the back)

Teenager tucking in at The Avocado Show Amsterdam


7.     Foam Photography Museum

Some of Amsterdam’s edgiest art can be found in the Foam Photography Museum.  With frequently changing exhibitions, there’s always something interesting on, often more than not suited to this slightly older audience.  There are four different exhibitions at any given time showcasing different photographic genres and as well as large exhibitions by well-known photographers, Foam also exhibits work from younger aspiring artists.

Artwork at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam


8.     Boat rentals

Teens will love the prospect of renting a self-drive boat and navigating through the city’s canals.  There are a variety of electric boats on offer providing an enormously fun few hours for wannabe Cap-teens who want to explore.  Whilst the renter and captain must be 18 or over, those a little younger will still love a role as wingman – either navigating or providing food and drink.  Check out our review of Eco Boats Amsterdam or for those who are feeling fit, pedalos, otherwise known as ‘pedal-boats’ are available in the city as well.


9.     Swing at A’dam Toren

For fearless kids, the swing at the top of Amsterdam’s tallest building will provide a selfie to remember.  Hold your breath and dangle your legs over the city below.  You wouldn’t catch me dead up there but the queues suggest I might be in the minority.

Teenagers swinging out over Amsterdam - Swing


10.     Banksy’s and more at Moco

If we’re talking teens and art, Banksy is surely the name that brings the two worlds together.  Amsterdam’s Moco has an unauthorised collection as well as a brilliant Roy Lichtenstein 3D installation room.  In their words:

The Modern Contemporary (Moco) Museum is situated in Villa Alsberg, a townhouse overlooking Museumplein in the heart of Amsterdam.   The appearance of this mansion is breathtaking, …. The building is charming but because of the compact size it can feel crowdy.


Whooo so there you have it.  A round-up of the best on offer for teenagers in the city.  The list isn’t completely comprehensive.  If your teens are Instagram-fiends for example, make certain you check out our post with the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam.

We haven’t listed out all the great places for kids to eat – you can find that here – or given you an itinerary, which you can find here.  And don’t forget to check out some of our other 10 Best series (there’s lots on the Kids and Tweens list that teenagers would enjoy too)

What we have hopefully provided however is enough incentive for you to take the family to this marvelous city and explore it for yourselves.

We hope you and your teenagers make the most of all the fabulous things to do in Amsterdam.  The city is waiting for you…


  1. Amanda

    I’m heading to Amsterdam for my daughter’s 16th birthday in October and found these reviews really helpful as I was struggling to think of what would suit our break as obviously my daughter is not a kid nor an adult…..thanks for the helpful information.

    1. AmsterdamWonderland

      I’m so thrilled to hear that. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. It’s a lovely time of year in a Amsterdam and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!


    Hi, I’m Gilbert and I have been visiting Amsterdam since 2016. I will like to visit with my family 7 and 10years old could please recommend some tourist attraction for my kids. I live in Johannesburg and Amsterdam is just like home for because I have been visiting like twice every year since January 2016. I will be appreciate if you can recommend some places for my kids.

    1. AmsterdamWonderland

      Hi Gilbert. As you may have seen I have a number of posts that are packed with good tips. I can see you’ve found the post for “Teens” but for that age I’d also suggest having a read of the lists for “Tweens” and the one for “Kids” – also have a read of my 48 Hour Itinerary with Kids.

      If you’re around for a little longer let me know and I can point you to a post with out of town suggestions.

      Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Svenja Garrard

    Hi – Thanks for the great information for teenagers. Because of your lovely blog, I rearranged our few days in Europe – I was looking for fun cities for teenagers as well as fulfilling my love of Christmas Markets. Amsterdam certainly sounds like there is plenty to offer teenagers. I was sad however to read that many of Amsterdam’s markets are not open when we have booked 6 to 9 December 2022. Any advice on Christmas activities at that time would be great – thanks. Kind regards Svenja (from Namibia)

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