About Us

We are Tracy and Marc. He’s from Amsterdam, I’m from London. Though we live in the UK we spend a great deal of time visiting family and friends in The Netherlands with our young sons – mini Dutchies Oscar and Zac.


Almost as soon as we met, friends and family from the UK started asking for tips and recommendations for forthcoming trips to Amsterdam. Realising how limited most guides to the city are, we started a hotspots list that spread like wildfire, passing from person to person way beyond our own network. As our discoveries grew, we realised we needed something more comprehensive and a better way to share the information… and from that, AmsterdamWonderland was born – with a mission to challenge every cliché about Marc’s amazing homeland.

As we say on our blog:

Tell most people you’re off to Amsterdam and you can expect stories of stag nights, lost weekends and knowing winks.  For many visitors, these seedy tourist lowlights are all they ever see – a world away from the city we know and love.  There may have been a time in your life when exploring the seamy side was fun, but if you’re reading our blog we’re hoping it’s because you want to get to know the real Amsterdam and we’ll do our best to steer you towards all that’s magical about it.


We’re here to prove that Amsterdam is in fact one of Europe’s most thrilling capitals for kids.  A destination for street-foodies and michelin-foodies.  A place where high culture rubs up against pop culture on canal corners, cycle paths and beyond.  A year-round destination for discovery, rediscovery or self-discovery.

Our blog is not comprehensive and its in no particular order. Its simply a list of places we love. There are many restaurants and cafes we have been to that haven’t made the list.  There are many others we are yet to try. This is mostly a guide to great food (where possible places that Amsterdamers know and love); awesome things to do and suggestions for how to occupy kids.

Amsterdam is small – walk, cycle or take a tram to anywhere in the centre (and indeed further afield). Let us know if we have missed anything wonderful – and enjoy this wondrous city, nothing makes us happier than sharing its magic.



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I was shortlisted as Blogger of the Year at the incredibly prestigious Travel Media Awards 2017 and was a finalist in the 2017 UK Blog Awards

I am also the family blogger for the completely wonderful City of Amsterdam “IAmsterdam” website.  You can find my posts here.

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