WONDR – Amsterdam’s Instagram Playground

WONDR-ing what to do when you’ve seen all the standard Amsterdam sights?

When the minis asked me what we were doing on a grey weekday in half term I struggled to explain.  “We’re going to an “experience”; an Instagram ‘museum’, an “immersive playground where we can take pictures”…..

As it turned out, perhaps the best explanation would have been “somewhere we are all going to have hours of fun in the brightest grown up playspace you’ve ever been to”

Instagram-ready interactive experiences are exploding in hip cities around the world.  There are at least three in Amsterdam and I was thrilled to be invited to WONDR to discover what the phenomenon is all about.  Frankly we’re hooked.

WONDR is a huge pink warehouse based in Amsterdam North (easily accessible via the Metro or bus).  The 17 rooms have been designed for the selfie generation by artists who have let their imaginations run riot.

But this is not all about the kids.  On our visit (during half term) most of the many visitors there were adults, though there are bookable slots for younger kids if that’s what you’d prefer.

On arrival, things were very pink.  There are lockers for anything you don’t want to include in your snaps and before you know it you’re on your way- Alice in WONDRland style.

The museum manages the flow well so it is rare to find too many people in any room, though visitors can progress at their own rate, spending up to two hours posing for all they are worth.

Without taking the surprise away, the boys’ favourites include ball pits, foam squishies, spinning ice creams, glitter and lights but in truth there are brilliant corners in every part of the museum, perfect for any keen TikTok creator, YouTuber or Insta-lover.

In the second half of the museum there are cameras set up ready to record your finest moments.  Simply scan the QR code you receive on entry, push the button and pose.  Images and videos will be sent to you afterwards for free, ready for download (and upload).

My boys weren’t sure what to expect at first, and wondered if the giant pink palace with its pink jump-suit clad staff might be too girly for them but within minutes, even camera-shy Zacy was posing up a storm.  Indeed it was a struggle to drag them away and Osc begged me in all seriousness if we could build a ball pit at home.


This makes WONDR a brilliant place to hang out, regardless of your appetite for selfies.  It’s quite simply just fun and though it comes at a price it really is an adult, teen or even kid-friendly playground.

If the weather outside is frightful – you will definitely find a healthy dose of sunshine and escapism inside.

Despite the number of visitors WONDR felt clean and well kept.  They are well aware of the need for camera-ready experiences but at the same time they let guests get on with their thing, throwing balls around or finding their own way to express their creativity.  The only thing they ask if that you take your shoes off for the rooms in which you jump into the pools (do bear in mind there are no changing rooms so come in your most Insta-ready outfit).


At the end you’ll find “the Pink Beach” – which does what it says on the tin.  In Summer the roof comes off for a tropical pop-up beach bar but on our dark October day the roof was on creating a surreal indoor restaurant/cafe.

The boys loved WONDR. At the end of the week they ranked it as the top activity in our week-long visit.  Local friends have told us that it’s a firm favourite with their tweens and teens and it’s not hard to see why.

Add it to your Amster-do-list – and I can guarantee fun for all.


Book your tickets to WONDR in advance at their website right here.

WONDR is open 7 days a week:
Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 18:00
Friday from 11:00 to 20:00
Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00

KIDS TIME is from 12:30 to 16:00 on Wednesday
and until 12:30 on weekends

The pink place can be found at:
Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

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