Jamin – The Best Sweets in Amsterdam

Jamin is a simply a pick and mix sweet shop.  So what’s it doing on a guide to all that’s best about Amsterdam?


Jamin, “That is yummy/tasty/delicious”!

Well, for starters it’s personal.  Aside from herring (and family and friends) the thing Marc REALLY, REALLY misses about the The Netherlands, and one of the things that makes him happiest when we’re there is having a huge cone of sweets or “snoep” (pronounced snoop) from Jamin.  And of course our boys have now caught the bug too.


They have literally hundreds of varieties of rainbow-coloured and black sweets at each of the three Central Amsterdam branches, and best of all for Marc and Oscy they have all his favourite varieties of Drop or liquorice too.  Now for most people the idea of salty, sour, hard or even soft liquorice is pretty off-putting but the Dutch are crazy about the stuff allegedly consuming more that 2kg of it each per year.  Don’t worry though, if liquorice isn’t your thing it’s still most definitely worth a visit.  There are walls of just about every other type of sweet stuff you can imagine, and dozens of imported treats from the US and Japan as well.


And if you find yourself near a branch, make Marc the happiest Dutchie in London by filling up a cone of his favourites including the watermelon and tennis-ball shaped gumballs or some “Trekdrop”, Half Moon Drop or Honey Drop.

Now Dat really IS Lekker!!

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From Oscar aged 10

I think it is the hub of sweets in Amsterdam because it has so many varieties along with amazing flavours. I think you should try Drop. Drop is a very yummy sweet and they have so many types it’s hard to choose!

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