Corner Bakery Amsterdam

Corner Bakery has evolved from a a gorgeous little cafe in the Old South part of town, not far from the museums and just along the road from Cafe Loetje  into a rapidly expanding mini-empire of gorgeousness (well, 4 branches and growing).

Its popularity began due to their outrageously instagrammable shakes and doughnuts but there’s also a great selection of healthier food on the menu and a lovely atmosphere.

The original branch in the Old South has just a handful of tables inside and an inviting bench out front, the cosy seats complete with blankets, cushions and sheepskins are at a premium.


This intimate spot with friendly staff offers a slice of local life that’s hard to resist and will make you wish that this was your local corner.  Get there early for breakfast or linger for brunch and lunch.







Last year, the second branch of Corner Bakery opened out by the World Fashion Centre to the West.  It’s not a particularly lovely part of town, and its very untouristy but we absolutely LOVED it when we visited it and if by any remote chance you’re in the area, do go there.  Its even worth a special trip.



The cafe is much larger than the Old South branch and it was busy on a rainy Sunday morning despite the streets around it being quiet.  Food-wise expect more of the same fabulous looking and even better tasting plates.  Each one brought out from the kitchen gave us greater food envy than the one before.  They also offer incredible cakes courtesy of Life of Pie and the best Unicorn Shake in town.  This place is wonderful, we can’t get enough of it.








The most recent addition to the clan is the branch in the Old West district to side of the Vondelpark.  Based on Jan Pieter Heijestraat (aka the J.P.) its another winner.  Same formula, same menu, space, light and more.

It’s also far more accessible than the Fashion Centre branch and bigger (and less busy) than the Old South branch, so if you’re in town, I can highly recommend stopping by.





The last branch is out in Maastricht and its the only one I haven’t been to yet.  I’m pretty sure, knowing these guys, that it has its own unique vibe – the brand has strongly resisted over-expansion and nothing about it feels like a chain.

Put Corner Bakery on your list.  You’ll thank me for it.

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