Fa. Pekelhaaring

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, we had dinner for the first time at Fa. Pekelhaaring and I sat there wondering why on earth it had taken us so long.




The place ticks all the boxes for us and sums up everything we love about Amsterdam eating.  Relaxed and unpretentious, packed full of locals, awesome food, generous portions, modest prices.


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With its mis-matched furniture, friendly staff and crowd-pleasing favourites on the seasonally-changing Italian menu, its no wonder that this quirkily named place is a local favourite.  Indeed, if you don’t book ahead in the evenings you’re likely to be left disappointed.  The truth is the secret is out.

Their motto is “eat when you feel like it”.  The entire menu is available from 10am to midnight and they’ll welcome you for a snack; for lunch; for a coffee with a side of wifi or for an evening meal.


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I could have ordered almost anything from the menu, it’s that kind of place.  Around us, plates taken to every table gave us food-envy.  Eventually we settled on saffron-rich arancini and a velvety fish soup. An exceptionally good seasonal linguine (with asparagus, truffle, parmesan and perfectly poached egg); and a mellow beef tagliata.  All were perfectly delicious and generously sized.


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We’ll definitely head back soon to Pekelhaaring.  Its easy, friendly and authentic. It made me wish I lived in The Pijp and could pop in when I needed a good glass of wine and a bowl of comfort food made expertly and with care.  Maybe we’ll bring the kids – there were families there with children sucking up spaghetti with red sauce.  Perhaps we’ll come for lunch, or just a dessert.  Pekelhaaring is the kind of place you can easily while away a few hours and leave feeling relaxed, full and happy.

Who can ask for more?


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