Blauw/Ron Gastrobar Indonesia

If you love Asian food give the ubiquitous sushi or Asian-fusion a miss for once (lets face it you can get that anywhere) and give the authentically Dutch rijstafel (literally rice table) a go instead.  It’s one of the most famous foods in the Netherlands due to the country’s colonial past and consists of up to forty side dishes (ranging in texture and spiciness) served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different way.  There are lots of traditional eateries serving this but I would highly recommend either Blauw (in a buzzy area in town) or for anyone prepared to travel slightly further, head to the divine canal-side location of Ouderkerk (gorgeously Dutch and hugely special for a Summer evening stroll) to dine at the sensational Ron Gastrobar Indonesia – Louis van Gaal was there when we last visited.  Bookings essential at both.

Alternatively head to our new favourite – the city centre sister of Ron Gastrobar Indonesia – full review and photos in all its fabulousness here.




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