Café Wildschut is a classic European Grande Art Nouveau Café. Located between the Museum District (the upmarket Old South part of town) and the Beethovenstraat (a little like London’s Hampstead High Street) its also right next to the wonderful College Hotel.  Wildschut has been a favourite hangout of bohemians, businessmen, and writers for many years, but don’t go expecting anything fancy.  This is Europe at its most authentic – the front terrace is packed on sunny lunchtimes and warm evenings and if you’re not after a full meal it’s also the perfect place to have a “koffie verkeerd” (complete with the classic Amsterdam little biscuit) or an early evening drink and some “borrelhapjes“.  Trendier types wonder why we like it so much, but this is one of our “go-to” places to sit and put the world to rights and Marc celebrates the fact that its authentically Amsterdam.



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