Tony’s Chocolonely

What is Tony’s Chocolonely?

At its most simple its a really great chocolate bar that comes in a huge range of both regular and crazy flavours (including cherry meringue, orange rosemary, popcorn discodip, white raspberry popping candy, dark milk pretzel toffee and dark pecan coconut to say nothing of their special editions!).


The packaging is eye-boggling; the shapes of “chunk” that you break off are completely unique and it probably has the best name ever.


But there’s SO much more to this fantastic Dutch brand.


If you want to see the full story watch this but basically an investigative reporter called Teun or Tony, was so horrified about the way that chocolate the world over was being produced on cocoa plantations that depended on child slavery (despite the fact that the world’s biggest chocolate companies had signed international treaties against the practice) that he ended up trying to turn himself into a ‘cocoa criminal’. This meant appearing on TV and gorging on chocolate in an attempt to get himself arrested for eating something that had been knowingly produced via illegal means.

Only the Dutch.

Not content with this stunt, he contacted various chocolate multinationals and asked them to create a slave-free chocolate bar for him. They all ignored him.  Including Nestlé. So on November 29th 2005 Teun introduced the world’s only slave-free chocolate bar.

And the rest as they say is history.


This epic mission now powers their brand and their current aim is to get all companies globally producing 100% slave-free chocolate.



You can find Tony’s Chocolonely on sale all over the city.  Stores such as Marqt and even ubiquitous supermarket Albert Heijn stock the standard flavours but they also have two eponymous stores, a crazy new “Chocolate Bar” (more about that later) and plans for a Willy Wonka style factory/theme park north of the river at some point in future.

And its all done in a very Tony’s way.


The original shop is underneath their offices in the fabulous Westergas complex at the Westerpark.  Fans used to drop by the office to talk to them about their mission – and to try to secure chocolate tastings, so they branched out into their own retail space.  It’s staffed on rotation by people who work in the main business, giving them direct exposure to their customers (big tick!).  They can tell you about the bigger mission and of course there’s loads of chocolate to buy and taste and some cool merchandise to buy.





The store is closed at lunchtimes and weekends

… and when they are on a skiing holiday in April.


Next they opened a ‘Super Store” in the Beurs van Berlage.  It’s closer to Amsterdam centre in a location that was the early 20th century base of the Dutch cocoa trade.  We’re not a fan of the touristy area in which its based but when you step into the basement store, the Tony’s magic makes it worthwhile.

DSC_0581 2.JPG

DSC_0579 2

Our last visit didn’t disappoint.  Best of all, its home to the “make your own Tony’s” machine where little kids (and big ones) can use the ipads to make a bespoke bar.  Choose your chocolate, your flavours and the colour of your packet and just watch the production line roll.

DSC_0555 2DSC_0550 2


In just an hour it will be ready to collect, and if you want to hang around whilst you wait there’s more than enough to occupy you in the store with tshirts, special occasion packets and places to pose for all important Tony’s selfies.


DSC_0566 2 2.JPG

DSC_0584 2

But as of July 2020 (yes mid-Corona!) the brand new Chocolate Bar opened upstairs in the main Beurs van Berlage building.  And its nuts (chocolate nuts obviously!)


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the bar is a highly stylised; grab-a-seat kind of place serving all the crazy chocolate-inspired food and drink you can imagine as well as some savoury dishes and some frankly bizarre mash-ups (croquettes served with dark chocolate or white chocolate quinoa burger anyone??)  But let’s face it, what you’re really here for are the freakshakes, bubble waffles, hot choc, s’mores, pretzel toppings, cake and wait for it…. free flowing chocolate taps.


Rest assured the mini choc-chips will be insisting we visit for a comprehensive review ASAP!

Annotation 2020-08-06 141509



I could not love this brand any more deeply.  Their goals and objectives, their tone of voice and most importantly their chocolate.  Go here.  Buy their chocolate.  These are GREAT people doing very very good things.


Oscar (aged 7) review:

i love  tony’s chocolonely  because i  love the taste of the flavours.

my rating  is 10 out of 10.

it’s the best chocolate ever.

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