The best herring in Amsterdam

Marc reckons the best herring is to be found at the original “Vlaardingse Haringhandel” truck in the Albert Cuyp market though in truth pretty much all herring stands are utterly reliable

For me, the VERY best herring is not found in Central Amsterdam at all but from a shop called Volendammer Visspecialist H. Schilder in a nearby suburb called Amstelveen. They’ve twice been awarded best fish specialist in The Netherlands and last year Best Independent Retailer in the country. Their herring, in fact all their seafood, is exceptional, click on the link for more.

That said, nobody leaves the food truck in the Alberty Cuyp market disappointed!


Herring is one of the things Marc really misses about not living in The Netherlands. And before you turn up your nose at the idea, it’s basically sushi (ok, brined but similarly “un-fishy”) and is buttery soft and utterly delicious. Order it in a “broodje” (a soft or chewy roll) with pickles and onions for the ultimate sandwich on the go, or for a true Amsterdam experience have it served on a paper plate, sliced into bite sized pieces, sprinkled with onions and pickles and eaten with a Dutch toothpick flag.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands they grab the (filleted and headless) fish by the tail, dip in onions and lower it straight into their mouths though perhaps give that a miss for your first experience!




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