StoryTiles Amsterdam

Whenever I think there is nothing new for me to discover in Amsterdam I come across something so perfect that I fear I’ve lost my touch by not knowing about it already.  StoryTiles is that place.

I love to sprinkle our home with Dutch mementoes.  Not the ubiquitous tourist tat – wooden tulips, clogs etc. but rather an antique wooden speculaas biscuit mold; our iAmsterdam photo project; a few KLM Dutch houses or our gorgeous silhouette cutout of the canal ring.  It takes something extremely special to add to this collection and today I found it.


Tucked away at the top of the Negen Straatjes is a shop called StoryTiles selling stunning ceramic tiles many of which are inspired by Delft Blue designs with tiny modern additions.  Best summed up by them:

StoryTiles are ceramic tiles that are baked by hand in the Netherlands.
Delft blue combined with nowadays designs. Dutch heritage with a twist!
Each tile tells its own miniature story that appeals to the imagination
or reminds you of a moment or person.



The tiles are even better in real life than on their lovely website and though perfectly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms they are also small square works of art that can be hung or displayed on a stand.


I have a particular love of miniatures.  They require time to stop and look carefully and these wonderful works reward lingerers who take a few minutes to really study their collaged additions.  They remind me of works by my favourite South African artist Karin Miller, placing beautiful people in traditional, unexpected settings, playing with time and tradition in the most delightful way.

I adore this shop and can see myself returning time and again to add to our new collection.  My favourite pieces are those that most closely play with Delft Blue tiles but for those who like a more modern theme, there is more than enough choice and they can be personalised too.


StoryTiles come in three sizes

Small: 10 x 10cm
Medium: 13 x 13cm
Large: 20 x 20cm

The medium tiles are traditional Dutch tile size.


Back at home, I have hung my new acquisitions in one of my favourite rooms in our house.  Our bathroom is painted in a dark Farrow and Ball Charleston Grey which changes in the light.  It’s always had a bare wall which was never suitable for a piece of art – until now.


What’s more I bought two historic antique tiles from Amsterdam’s Antiekcentrum.  Both date back to the middle of the 1600’s and look quite amazing displayed in amongst my new StoryTiles.  If you are looking for antique tiles I can’t recommend the Antiekcentrum enough.  Tiles of a similar age and condition cost at least double in the antique stores in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat.  It brings me so much joy to see how tiles made nearly 400 years apart look so timeless displayed together.


Whilst StoryTiles have been sold in other stores and online for a decade, the shop has only been open a year.  Hurry down there if you are in Amsterdam.  I cannot think of a more wonderful memento of this city to keep your memories alive.

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