Pisa Ice Cream

Pisa does the best ice cream in Amsterdam.  End of.  It is a hugely popular semi-permanent (Summer only) structure in a fairly uninspiring location by the convention centre selling outstanding homemade Italian ice cream to Amsterdam’s finest. On Summer afternoons and evenings you’ll find yourself queueing alongside Amsterdammers, eager kids, friendly dogs and upmarket post-dinner refugees from Vis Aan De Schelde over the road.  The Caramel Yoghurt is amazing but if you’re feeling fruity give the Pink Grapefruit a go or if you’re feeling very brave (and very Dutch) try the liquorice “drop” flavour.


Its probably worth mentioning some other ice cream options in case you can’t get out to the convention centre (though I urge you to try). Ijscuypje with branches across the city makes very good quality ice cream on site including a range of Dutch flavours like Speculaas. The original store is in The Pijp on Eerste van der Helststraat but there are other branches scattered across the city too.


Or for something a little different try Banketbakkerij van der Linde. The ice cream here comes in only one flavour, vanilla, and the texture can best be described as “Mr Whippy” – a kind of aerated fresh whipped-cream soft-ice for which they’ve become famous. Lauded in numerous guidebooks, feted by tourists on TripAdvisor and located in a busy touristy area, the persistent queue outside is almost exclusively non-Dutch in nature.  That in itself doesn’t rule it out and many swear it’s the bomb but if I’m in the city on a balmy Summer night, it’s inevitably Pisa where I find myself gravitating to after (or often instead of!) dinner.

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