Momo and Izakaya

Hmmm Momo and Izakaya. These two restaurants have the same owner and are much loved by upmarket tourists and ex-pats. And I guess that’s my problem with them. Sure, I’ve heard the food is great but for some reason it seems such a shame to come to Amsterdam and eat expensive Japanese food with a load of other tourists. Still, if you’re sure, then for a Zuma-like experience Momo’s your thing. Izakaya is in our view a better bet – it is at least in the cool Sir Albert Hotel and you get the benefit of some great cocktails and a DJ with your sashimi. But I urge you, if you’d think twice about eating sushi in Madrid or Rome and would sooner have a more authentic experience, do the same in Amsterdam. Go for rijstafel if you want Asian or check out The Duchess if you want to hang with Amsterdam’s finest. If all you want is top tier global sushi though, both are probably great options



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