Lotti’s at The Hoxton

Hipster hangout extraordinaire Lotti’s is in the Hoxton Hotel and run in a joint venture with Soho House which itself is arriving itself in 2018.  It’s undeniably cool, there’s a great menu and with sofa’s and armchairs scattered invitingly it’s the type of place it isn’t too terrible to spend a few hours aided by some 21st Century juice courtesy of charging stations and usb ports at every table.

Being The Hoxton, all the chatter is in English – not just the guests, but staff too seem to be overwhelmingly UK expats which means if you close your eyes you might forget you’re in Amsterdam, and drift back to Holborn or Shoreditch.  Something about that isn’t such a great thing if you’re in the city for short break and want to get into the Amsterdam vibe although if you’re there for business there’s no denying it ticks a whole lot of boxes.




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