Hans Egstorf Bakery – stroopwafel heaven on Amsterdam’s Spuistraat

There are some foods it would be rude to leave Amsterdam without tasting.  Take stroopwafels for example (yes really take one!).

Stroopwafels are syrup waffles, you may even have had one in Starbucks before.  Well forget that.  That was not a stroopwafel.  A real one is freshly made, the syrup is warm and dripping – oozing between freshly baked, thin, crispy and at the same time chewy, waffles.

Does your Starbucks version do that?

Thought not.

So please trust me when I say the place to try one of the best stroopwafels in Amsterdam  is the gorgeous Hans Egstorf Bakery.  And the reason I’d send you to this hotspot is not only will you be tasting an authentic freshly made sensation but you’ll be doing so in the oldest bakery in the city, one that dates back to 1898.  It is here, in the heart of town on Spuistraat that stroopwafels are still made by hand using an original recipe.


Stand outside and the first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous building.  Designed by architect Gerrit Van Arkel who also designed a number of other iconic Amsterdam Art Nouveau properties, it features original bakery-themed painted tile art as well as balconies and turrets.

But its inside where the magic really happens.  Here balls of dough are rolled by hand before being baked in a waffle iron, Then watch as the waffles are expertly sliced in half and filled with caramel stroop – an incredible amber coloured syrup.

Sounds good?  I can assure you it tastes better!

Owned by the lovely Doortje who took over the bakery a year ago, this is no faddy Instagram hotspot.  As gorgeous as Hans Egstorf is, there are no bouncers manning a queue at the door, just lovely ladies making extremely good baked goods

And although they are the stars of the show, its not just hot caramel waffles that you’ll find here.  Any good bakery worth its salt (or dough) knows that it will be judged by the full range on offer – and at Hans Egstorf this includes sweet and savoury croissants, sourdough breads and cinnamon rolls.  And in just in case you run out of room, they also have pre-packed bags and boxes ready for you to take some goodies home.

Baked goods not your thing?  No worries, they even have some absolutely stunning ‘chocolate tiles’ with a painted image of the bakery on the front.  These make the most wonderful gifts or edible souvenirs – if you can get them home without having a nibble first!

So run, don’t walk to this lovely spot in the centre of town.  There is nothing like a fresh warm stroopwafel when you are feeling peckish after a long walk along the canals.


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