Getting from A to B

Amsterdam is small and super-easy to navigate.

The tram system is great.  Buy a ticket on board in cash or, if you’re around for a few days, save yourself some money and get an ov-chipcard (much like an oyster card) from a ticket machine at a station and load it up with credit.  If you use one you must remember to check in and check out on all journeys.  *Please take note, there are lots of pickpockets on the Dutch tram system, particularly on routes popular with tourists, and they will whip your wallet in an instant.  Take care and remain alert.  Amsterdam is generally super-safe but we’ve seen too many people fall victim.

Uber operates efficiently in Amsterdam though the traffic in town can be heavy so it may take longer to reach your destination than you would expect.  Drivers are typically helpful and friendly.

Alternatively if you want to book a regular taxi call 020 777777

Bicycles remain the easiest and quickest way to get around town.  If you want to look like a resident, rather than riding a bright orange tourist MacBike why not rent a traditional one (from a pair of Aussies!!) via The Humble Vintage or if you have kids, get a bakfiets (be warned, you’ll need a good pair of legs – those monsters are HEAVY)

Finally of course, there is the water.  Canal cruises are touristy but fun, or for a more authentic experience jump on the free ferry behind Central Station to Amsterdam North.  Best of all, and definitely on my bucket list, get yourself a picnic and rent your own boat via a site like this.

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