Cafe t’ Smalle – our favourite canalside terrace

Why Cafe t’ Smalle is probably the best terrace in Amsterdam


Amsterdam’s pubs are known as ‘bruine cafe’s” or ‘brown bars’ due to the tobacco smoke that used to stain the ceilings and which give the dark wood a warm and cosy glow and none fits the description more perfectly than the wonderful Cafe t’ Smalle Amsterdam.



Based in the Jordaan, a formerly working class but now distinctly upmarket area where many of the best preserved examples are based, t’ Smalle started in 1780 as a brewery for the Dutch spirit genever.  The wood panelling, leaded windows and porcelain beer pumps were restored in the 1970’s and it remains one of the mostly lovely spots around.  When the stained glass windows fog up on chillier days it truly is the ultimate gezellig hangout.




That said, the reason I particularly love it is that I think it has the most picture-perfect postage stamp sized terrace in all of Amsterdam.  You might have already noticed I use a shot of it for our Favourite Amsterdam Restaurants and Café’s post.  A picture I took on my very fist visit to Amsterdam with Marc.



Sitting precariously over the canal right by the Prinsengracht and very near the Anne Frank House you might have to wait if you want to grab one of the handful of outside tables but it will be worth it.


Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 14.20.18.png


With small private boats sailing silently past; one of the best ossenworst broodtjes (rolls) in the city, and even a bride waiting for her groom on our last visit.  This is one of the most glorious and typically Dutch terraces to stop off a coffee.  I might see you there.






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