Amsterdam’s Cat Cafe – Kattencafe Kopjes

Let me put this out there.  I’m not a huge fan of cats and the idea of a cat cafe would typically have had me running for the hills.  But 8 year old Zacy IS a fan and there’s no way he’s getting a kitten at home, so for months I’d promised to take him to Amsterdam’s very own cat cafe Kopjes for a Mummy and Zacy tea-time adventure.

I needn’t have worried, it was brilliant.  And dare I say it, it’s me who is suggesting we go back again soon.




Funded by a crowdsourcing campaign a few years ago, #kattencafekopjes has unsurprisingly become an Intagram darling and for once selfies take a back seat because the kitties are the stars of the show.

The cafe is in the De Baarsjes area of the city, which is a little like London’s Hackney or Peckham – what was once a fairly edgy district has become newly hip, filled with cool cats and quirky boutiques.  And there, nestled in a side street is the lovely Kopjes (Dutch for the “nuzzle” you get from a cat’s head).

When I saw the Scandi-cool cafe from the outside I wasn’t sure I was in the right place.  Instead of the soft-furnishings and old-lady carpet I was expecting there were bright white walls; wicker and blonde wood; Persian carpets; retro cool fittings and hip kitty-art.



There are loads of great things about Kopjes:

  1. It doesn’t smell!!  This was my biggest concern prior to our visit.  I’ve never known an catty environment that doesn’t have that icky fishy smell, but they’ve nailed it here.
  2. The staff are super-lovely and laid back, happy to share info if asked but never overbearing
  3. They will however ensure you have clean hands and understand the do’s and dont’s
  4. The cats are all rescue cats, this means they are a bit of a motley crew which massively adds to the charm
  5. The feline inhabitants have loads of places to hide if they aren’t feeling sociable.  There are hidden ledges and high shelves and indeed many of the cats were sleepily hidden on our visit.
  6. Equally if they are feeling cheeky there are things for them to climb on and play with and of course visitors who are dying for a cuddle.




Zacy absolutely loved his visit.  He was only sorry that the cats weren’t more playful, however the staff explained to him how much sleep they need, and that next time we should come back at the end of the day which is when they are typically most active and engaged.


We sat eating red velvet cake, leaning in for a quick stroke, and playing spot the sleeping pussycat above.




If you’re thinking of a visit don’t hesitate, but remember reservations are essential.  Visitor numbers are strictly limited so as not disturb the 8 rescue cats who’s home you are entering.


Kopjes is a great addition to Amsterdam’s off the beaten track scene.  If you’re a cat lover (ok even if you aren’t) it’s worth putting on the list!



Kattencafe Kopjes is open from 10.00-19.00 Wednesday to Sunday.  Reserve your sofa now.

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