The best boutique hotels and B&B’s in Amsterdam


I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – I wish I was an expert on all the gorgeous and glorious places to stay in Amsterdam but the truth is we generally stay with family, so although I’ve been lucky enough to spend the odd night under an Egyptian cotton duvet with canal views, I can’t give personal reviews in the way I can for restaurants or activities.

That said.  I know what’s out there and I can dream…and read reviews 🙂


In general, I’m a fan of boutique accommodation.  There’s no shortage of 5* hotels in the city, but if I had the choice, I’d opt for something intimate, unique and cosy.




Hotel-wise I’d probably splash the cash at The Pulitzer (pictured below) or The Dylan (above) – at least I would until the new Soho House opens up which is likely to add a huge new dose of wow.



One step down but no less luxe I reckon I’d bag myself a room at Morgan and Mees or the brand new Pillows Hotel (pictured).



Assuming I hadn’t actually won the lottery and was looking for something slightly more on-budget, I’d probably consider Hotel Dwars or the lovely looking Max Brown Hotel (pictured) which I came across recently.



Or perhaps on reflection, I’d opt to stay again at one of our favourites, the College Hotel – a unique and extremely special place to stay.



But its the development of luxury boutique B&B’s which has really captured my interest recently.

Here are two new openings that look kind of fabulous:


Bed and Buffet

One of the nicest little restaurants in Amsterdam, Buffet van Odette, has recently opened a couple of rooms in one of the lovliest spots in the city.  And the rooms (one with canal views) designed by some of Amsterdam’s best stylists, look dreamy.  Rolling out of bed and into the restaurant for their infamous truffle cheese omelette would be the perfect start to a romantic weekend.  Find me there on my next getaway “a deux.”




Vergulden Eenhorn

Another wonderful-looking, newly-opened set of rooms is available at a unique farmhouse in the East of the city called Vergulden Eenhorn or Gilded Unicorn (yes, wow).  This gorgeous spot in a building that dates back to 1702, offers the best of the Dutch countryside in the heart of the city and has been turned into a lovely restaurant and cafe serving seasonal food and a brand new set of rooms.  The farmhouse is popular with locals for events and weddings which is not surprising as its a stunning spot.  Farrow and Ball eat your heart out.




So, here’s where I need your help.  Stayed in one of these, or somewhere else fabulous?  Let me know what you thought and help me plan my next getaway.

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