The best stroopwafels and poffertjes in Amsterdam

Once you’ve finished your ‘Hollandse nieuwe haring’ (that’s new season herring to you) at the Albert Cuyp market, make sure you grab yourself a warm freshly made stroopwafel at the stall across the way.   Watch them being prepared in front of your eyes on a Dutch waffle-iron and you’ll realise why they bear little if any resemblance to the ‘caramel waffles’ sold ubiquitously in Starbucks*.  If that doesn’t satisfy your sugar craving, scour the market for someone with a cast iron pan making fresh poffertjes – these mini cloud-like puffed pancakes are served warm with butter and a drift of icing sugar. Dig your toothpick into the snowy mountain and enjoy…

(if the diabetes hasn’t kicked in just yet, check out the recently opened Harewood Bakery.  A tiny shop rather than a market stall, selling handmade doughnuts and coffee.  Open on the Albert Cuyp from Wednesday to Sunday until 3.30 or until the doughnuts are sold out – which needless to say is often earlier!)



* Another great place to buy a proper freshly-baked stroopwafel is from Lanskroon, a small unassuming bakery on the Singel canal.  This little tearoom doesn’t look like much but its one of the only other places left in the city making fresh stroopwafels and boy can you taste the difference if you compare them to the factory packs in Albert Heijn.  Tuck into a dinner-plate-sized treat with honey or caramel fillings, and if you aren’t completely sugared-out, head up the road for Amsterdam’s other best biscuit at Van Stapele Koekmakerij.  From April, Lanskroon also produce freshly made ice-cream.

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