Gouda (and Lego paradise!)

Yip, its a cheesy place…but there’s more to Gouda than just touristy shops selling yellow cheese wheels, it’s a great destination for a day out with the kids.

We decided to head there on the Sprinter train from Amsterdam and had a brilliant day out.  The cheese market in the square only operates in Summer, but you’ll find some authentic cheese shops open all year which are full of produce direct from local farms or how about the cafe that claims to be the original home of Dutch stroopwaffels (syrup waffles).  Best of all though, discover a kids’ dream by way of the biggest Lego store in the Netherlands.

PlayToday is a truly awesome shop run by a pair of incredibly nice guys who are passionate about all things Lego.  As well as shelf after shelf of every type of Lego imaginable – from Duplo to Bionicles; Ninjago to Lego Architecture – it has a 4m wall of individual bricks for those who know the exact piece they need as well as bowls of heads, bodies and legs for mini-creatives crafting the ultimate mini-figure. But best of all, at the back of the store is a Lego playroom – a kids paradise where they can get creative, send vehicles down ramps and build to their hearts’ content.  Our boys might still be there today if we hadn’t dragged them away.


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